"Thank you Samantha for the most beautiful delicate yet, deeply penetrating muscle work I have ever had.

It was so sweet - too - and was choreographed well with the chosen music -it was unassuming, unnoticeable - noninvasive nor disruptive.

Every part of me wanted to heal and engage and soften under your care this may seem quite enthusiastic of me however, I have had so many different kinds of massage and yours is the best I have ever experienced. I am softened, healing and accepting of myself and my work ahead, thanks to your direction and guidance, intuitively, energetically, spoken and unspoken."


"Words came later as to how I was positively affected by our work together.

I experienced what I call cellular integration and that had a calming affect on my mind."


"I want to tell you that I left your office a different person than when I entered.   I don't know how long it will last, and that doesn't really matter.   I came in feeling dampened down, hurting, foggy, discouraged.   I left feeling upbeat, just about no pain (it's returned some 2 hours later, but much lessened)  -  arrived home cheerful, and energetic and happy.  Thank you so very much for your tender, sensitive, intuitive hands."

"My massage person is amazing. She is a good listener, really strong, (for me a "Have To" with massage therapists--which is why I usually go to men) very experienced, is caring and nice, but not simpery or noodley like some nice people. She is smart, remembers things about my body, about my musical preferences, about what's happening in my life and with my kids, makes me feel like I'm actually important instead of a vehicle for putting food on her table.

She believes in her craft, which makes me believe in it too. She is not wimpy at all, meaning that a massage is serious work in her hands. I am sometimes sore when I leave and even for a few days after (but that good kind of sore, like when you help a friend move and you feel virtuous and butchy about it.)  One time she took this evil thing out of my head and banished forever. I would have paid $500 for that, but it was all just part of her magic."


"I would like to say again how helpful you were in relieving much of my pain last week. I cannot wait to continue working with you and am excited at the possibility of living a life with far less tension and pain."


"Yeah, I had my first pain-free sleep last night in over a week. 

I am so thankful to have you in my life—for your healing."